Dreams And Visions Of Caleb, out of the mouths of babes YAHUSHUA speaks forth

URGENT! WARNING DREAM! Please all who love ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and RUACH HA KODESH, please pray that Erez Yotam (Ezra Caleb) will not end up crucified. Please pray for his protection in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH’s mighty name! This is a life sized cross that is behind them that you will see in this video. How many of you would place a life sized cross in your house behind your couch for all to see? To see more information please click this link

Erez or Caleb You choose: But We Appeal to Caleb to come Forth!

Ezra Caleb is in Danger, Crucifixion Dream

The mixture of poisons dream

Prophetic Repentance Song from Heaven for Caleb

GOD Speaks thru the Mouth of Babes Caleb Come Forth! 

Caleb Come Forth! Caleb Come Out! Dream 6/1/2019

Caleb Come Home Dream 6/1/2019


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